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ATI Worksite Solutions staff teach employees how to properly lift boxes and avoid injury
ATI Worksite Solutionsn works with employers to reduce work related injury and discomfort

In today's marketplace, gaining any edge in productivity makes a difference. Lost work days and inefficiencies due to work-related injury cost U.S. industries billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and medical costs. ATI Worksite Solutions integrates early intervention and wellness with core components of traditional on-site occupational health to remove an "access" barrier and greatly enhance health care contact.

ATI Worksite Solutions partners with employers to analyze and address their challenges with the delivery of programs designed to mitigate risk and decrease costs. We offer a comprehensive suite of occupational health services to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small “mom and pop” shops. All programs focus on one-on-one engagement and consistently produce impressive outcomes. Our programs yield a 4 to 1 ROI secondary to significant reductions in recordables, work comp injury rate and costs related to over utilization of health care.

Prevention is always the best medicine, but you can feel confident that if an injury does occur, our services will streamline the process with immediate injury intervention, application of first-aid, and return to work as quickly as possible.

Areas of Expertise:

On-Site Early Intervention

Health and Wellness

Injury Prevention

Employee Testing

Occupational Medicine Services

ATI Worksite Solutions Contacts:

Sheila Denman
Senior Vice President
(317) 390-5590
East Coast Region
Diana Burns
Operations and Business Development
(302) 562-1642
Midwest Region
Jim Allivato
Director, Midwest Business Development
(312) 316-5910
Indianapolis Region
Julie Nelson
Business Development Manager
(317) 847-3339

 AWS Puzzle showing five areas of expertise_ Employee Testing, Health and Wellness, Injury Prevention, Occupational Medicine Services and On-Site Intervention

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