Transportation Service

ATI offers transportation services* based on medical necessity regardless of referral sources, payor type, diagnosis or treatment received. Medical necessity shall include:

  • Physician scripts prohibiting patient from operating a motor vehicle due to post surgical status
  • Acute status and/or contraindications related to medications patient is currently taking
  • Patient or patient's family member indicating that patient is not medically stable, or not safe to drive or travel alone using available public transportation
  • Patient is unable to access public transportation due to geographical barrier

With ATI's many locations, patients are always close enough to be on their way to ATI Physical Therapy.

Please call the friendly staff at the ATI clinic you plan to visit to learn more about transportation, or call 1-855-MY-ATIPT.

*Transportation services are not available at all ATI locations. Please contact your local clinic to inquire about transportation services.

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