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Our Amputation Rehabilitation  Specializations

Every individual’s therapeutic needs vary, which is why ATI’s clinicians have specialized limb-loss PT training. 

  • Our physical therapy for below knee amputee and limb-loss patients is specially designed to help improve strength, movement, and function.

  • With physical therapy for above knee amputation and limb-loss patients, your physical therapist helps prevent contractures and improve range of motion.

  • Physical therapy for bilateral amputee and limb-loss patients helps overcome residual limb challenges and develop muscular strength for transfer and motion.

  • Our physical therapy for leg amputee and limb-loss patients focuses on building musculoskeletal strength and integrative movement with  assistive devices.  

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With a customized clinic environment designed for ideal outpatient treatment, you’ll get back to the activities of daily living. 


How Amputee Physical Therapy Helps Before And After Surgery

Including physical therapy in your limb-loss medical care regimen improves outcomes for patients, both before and after surgery.


Prepare for your surgical procedure with amputee physical therapy, specially designed to help limb-loss patients navigate without the limb.

Amputation Rehabilitation

Improve the amputee rehabilitation process by strengthening vital muscle groups and focusing on integrative physiological wellbeing. Learn amputee physical therapy exercises specifically designed for limb loss and prosthetics.

Prosthetic Training

Maximize your independence with prosthetic training, learning to incorporate assistive devices and physical movement with your new prosthesis.

Activities of Daily Life Training

Use post amputee occupational therapy to improve weight bearing, reduce phantom limb symptoms, and access a holistic level of care. 

For limb-loss patients, physical therapy is a vital component of both recovery and long-term wellbeing. While the process may at times feel daunting, amputation rehabilitation provides essential skills that improve your overall quality of life.

Get Help With The Full Prosthetic Training Cycle

Wherever you are in your recovery process, ATI’s comprehensive care team helps you access the services you need. Learn what to expect throughout rehabilitation, get a prosthesis fit assessment and receive personalized recommendations. Visit ATI in-clinic or in a virtual treatment environment to access these services.

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Explore our clinic locations offering amputee physical therapy and discover all available options for your needs.

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