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What to Expect During PT Treatment

A dedicated therapist will be chosen to work with you based on your needs. 

  • Your therapist will develop a comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment plan and discuss it with you during your initial evaluation.
  • We’ll communicate with you and your doctor throughout your treatment to monitor and keep you up-to-date on your progress and healing process.
  • Hands-on therapy, exercise, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning may be used to help improve your physical strength, reduce pain and avoid recurrence of future injury.

If you have any questions about choosing therapy providers, what therapy is, or how to get started, please check out answers to frequently asked questions

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Try PT Services First!

Try PT Services First!

Did you know... 70% of patients that utilize physical therapy services first for spine, shoulder and knee pain are successfully treated without the use of imaging, prescription medicine or physician visits!

For more information: Read our "Try PT First" blog

The ATI Difference

Your return to an active lifestyle is our primary concern. We'll work with you to help reduce pain and achieve your goals—in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment.

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Have A Prescription For Physical Therapy?

If you need physical therapy, you have a choice when selecting your provider. We encourage you to explore your options. Our physical therapists practice comprehensive care, and are here to help you recover from an injury, surgery or chronic pain.

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Specialty Therapies

We offer a number of specialized PT services to address your specific injury or needs. Specialty physcial therapy services are available at select ATI locations.
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  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Certified Manual Therapy
  • Men’s Pelvic Health
  • And much more

Workers' Comp Rehab

ATI’s trademarked F.I.R.S.T.™ program uses a performance-based methodology to safely return injured workers to their workplace.
Return to Work ›

  • Designed to increase strength, endurance and cardio function
  • Earned international recognition for our outcomes and results  
  • Conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)  

Sports Therapy

Our sports therapy services help you get back in the game. We have hundreds of professional, collegiate, high school, middle school and club relationships nationwide.
Prevent and Treat Injuries ›

  • Offer rehabilitative care for all types of sports injuries, including prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment 
  • Coordinate sports therapy care across multiple touch points, including physicians, parents and school/club officials

Hand Therapy

Through preventative, non-operative, conservative treatment, post-operative rehab and industry consultation, our hand therapists can effectively evaluate and treat complex upper extremity cases.
Healing Hands ›

  • Achieve faster recovery, resulting in decreased medical costs
  • Improve hand mobility and reduced pain

Women's Health

We offer an innovative approach that's designed by women for women. Specialized care can offer life-changing results.
Improve Your Quality of Life ›

  • Reduce pelvic floor pain, weakness and dysfunction
  • Address incontinence issues
  • Manage prenatal/postpartum pain
  • Recover after a surgery

Online Physical Therapy 

Online physical therapy is an effective way to continue treatment when an in-person visit to a clinic isn't possible. 
Learn More and Get Started with Online PT Today ›

  • Online PT with a licensed physical or occupational therapist
  • Therapy in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home 

Get a Complimentary Injury Screening

If you’ve been dealing with a strain, sprain, ache or pain, don't wait any longer. We’ll take a look at your injury and provide recommendations for further care. 

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Your PT Questions, Answered:

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a branch of preventive and rehabilitative health. Physical therapists are licensed health professionals that employ exercises and/or stretches as well as use hands-on treatment and/or equipment. These techniques are used to help patients alleviate pain, recover from injury/surgery, and improve their overall physical abilities.

What exactly does a physical therapist do?

Good question! A physical therapist is a licensed health professional. (They are often referred to as PTs.) They evaluate, diagnose, and then provide treatment to help patients prevent and recover from pain, injury, surgery, and manage symptoms that may interfere with everyday movements. 

After your evaluation you'll begin your treatment plan. Your PT may use a number of techniques to help you get back to feeling your best with some methods that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exercising
  • Stretching
  • Hands-on therapy
  • Using equipment to help increase your ability to move

Every person will experience something different with their PT. That is because there is “no one size fits all” treatment plan. Your PT will make sure that your plan alleviates your symptoms and helps you meet your goals.

Can physical therapy be done at home?

Absolutely! We’re here to get you feeling better, whether you’re in your local ATI clinic or in your own home. Our telehealth platform, CONNECT, is online physical therapy treatment that provides you with high-level PT service in the comfort, convenience and safety of your home.

What do they do at physical therapy?

It depends – during your initial appointment, your physical therapist will have a conversation with you about what it is you are experiencing. After your discussion, they will do an assessment to determine what kind of care is appropriate for you. Every plan is individualized, and our PTs will take the time and effort to make sure you thoroughly understand what to expect throughout your treatment.

How long should I do physical therapy?

After your initial discussion and assessment with your physical therapist, they will develop an individualized treatment plan for you. The duration and length of your plan is determined by your symptoms and by your immediate and long-term goals.

Once you have begun treatment, your plan may shift based on your progress. The more effort you put into your therapy, the more results you will see! It may also mean that you need less sessions to get you back to feeling your best.

Is physical therapy necessary? The benefits of physical therapy

We understand why you would ask this question: physical therapy seems like it is something you do after you have been injured badly or have had surgery. But, physical therapy can be used as both a preventative and rehabilitative measure to keep you pain-free and moving well. Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy and our top reasons why you should try PT:

  • It can reduce and/or eliminate pain.
  • It can help you avoid surgery altogether.
  • It can improve your mobility and help you move more freely. 
  • It can aid recovery from injury, stroke, poor coordination/balance, and help manage other issues, such as heart/lung disease, women’s pelvic health, arthritis and so on.

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