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Pediatric Physical Therapy - What Age Group Does Pediatric Physical Therapy Treat?

What Age Group Does Pediatric Physical Therapy Treat?

While children are often referred as young as birth and as old as 18, there is no age limit at ATI.

Since pediatric physical therapists have the most comprehensive knowledge of childhood conditions, we often have older "kids" coming back well into their 20s.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Locations

We offer occupational and physical therapy for children in many of our clinics. In addition, we offer highly specialized services for children with specific conditions at:

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Testimonial

“I love the challenge of incorporating play and motivational factors with functional activities for all age groups. It's fun having a three-month-old one hour, and an eight-year-old the next. It makes every day unique! Children have no hesitation about participation, no concept of the words ‘I can't,’ and spirits that can lift anyone in the room, no matter what their personal struggles may be. They inspire me every day!” 

Sarah, Pediatric Physical Therapy Director at ATI, MI

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