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ATI Sports Medicine looks at common summer sport injuries.

Now that summer is finally here, outdoor sports and activities are in full swing. From little league tournaments, to friendly pick-up games of basketball, kids and adults alike are playing their favorite sports.


Posted July 10, 2014
 You may hear the terms “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow.” However, you don’t have to play these sports to suffer these common overuse injuries.

If you’re on the court, or at the greens, you may hear the terms “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow.” However, you don’t have to play these sports to suffer these common overuse injuries. This inflammatory process affects the large te...

Posted July 10, 2014
ATI offers Tips for a Safe 4th of July!

When you think of injuries and the 4th of July, it’s pretty safe to say that “Fireworks” pop to mind . . . and rightfully so!  From the need for hand therapy to physical therapy, our clinicians see the results of post 4th of July cel...

Posted July 2, 2014
ATI Physical Therapy offers tip to safe exercise in the warm summer months.

The “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” are here!  Between hot temps, a fiery sun and high humidity, outdoor exercise can not only seem unappealing, it can be risky.

So, what should you do . . . avoid exercise all summer long?...

Posted June 25, 2014
ATI Physical Therapy helped Don after his lumbar fusion to reach his goal of riding 100 miles for the American Diabetes Association.

There’s not much that can keep Don Esbjornson down. Not a degenerative disc disease, a back surgery 12 years ago . . . or a back surgery just last fall.

This 48-year-old has been active his whole life – golfing, mountain bikin...

Posted June 18, 2014
ATI Metal Walk in Joliet, IL
“What’s a Metal Walk?”
That’s a great question!
The ATI Foundation coined the name in 2012 when the inaugural Metal Walk took place at Soldier Field in Chicago. The 1...
Posted June 9, 2014
Heidi demonstrates exercises following a total hip replacement at ATI Physical Therapy in Norridge IL

On Saturday, June 21 2014, ATI Physical Therapy will be sponsoring the 3rd annual Metal Walk. The Metal Walk celebrates movement for those who have joint replacements or orthopedic implants. For those who have received a total hip re...

Posted June 4, 2014
John demonstrates a swimming stretch at the ATI Physical Therapy clinic in Oak Park, IL

It's heating up outside, which means a lot of you will be heading to the pool! Before you make a splash this season, John Armstrong, a physical therapist from Oak Park IL, has 4 stretches for you to complete...

Posted May 29, 2014
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